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Fortify Your Emotional Health And Mind-Body-Spirit Connection With The Power of Radical Forgiveness

Fortify Your Emotional Health And Mind-Body-Spirit Connection With The Power of Radical Forgiveness

I have yet to meet anyone who has regained their healthy, sexy body, without using the power of radical forgiveness to enhance their detox and whole body cleanse.

Here’s how you can forgive radically!

And—how do you know you have forgiven? You are Grateful!

I meet many people diagnosed with serious illnesses and I always ask them what happened in their life just before their illness was discovered. Some are surprised why I dare to ask. It brings up painful memories.

I have noticed that always there is some kind of trauma, some kind of a shock to the system, some kind of an event that caused sadness, stress, resentment, guilt, blame, and shame. Sometimes, this depressive condition continues for a chronic period of time before the illness is discovered. Sometimes, it is very short and sudden.

It all centers on one thing: Judgment.

Always, some kind of judgment has been passed out that caused an avalanche of overwhelming thoughts, feelings and emotions, that literally swamped the body with acid. From experience, I have discovered there is nothing more acidic than judgment.

Life is not all roses. Life has many surprises. Many situations happen that become facts. They really did take place.

However, it is up to us to create drama-loaded judgment over the facts, or simply see them for what they are. Even when it comes to subjects as sensitive as sexual abuse, it still is what it is. How you interpret the event will either empower you or destroy you. You can look at the event as a fact – it happened, and say to yourself: 'So What?' or you can create a story and decide you are now broken forever.

Your body records the memory of everything you experience. All your thoughts, feelings and emotions, judgments, decisions, conclusions and computations have been recorded in your body. What if 98% of it is not even yours? Who does it belong to? Would you like to shed that weight?

These memories are stored in your cellular membrane. According to Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D., our cells bathe in the energy and vibration created by our thoughts.

Dr. Lipton, an internationally recognized cellular biologist and a pioneer in the new science of epigenetics (epi: above; genet-ics: origins—the study of the role of experiences and emotions upon our bodies and health) argues scientifically that it is not our genes that create illness, it is our mind. If the mind is sick, there is no way for the body to be healthy!

Attention! This makes you the creator of your disease, right? Yes. It takes you out of the notion of being a victim. A dangerous idea! If you have created disease, what else can you create? What if you can create bliss??

Chinese medicine and other ethnic healing systems of the world also contend that our body organs store emotions. For example, the liver stores anger, the kidneys store fear, the spleen retains worries, the lungs hold onto sadness and the colon is a repository for all sorts of unconscious, repressed emotions of which we are not even aware. Best proof? When people have organ transplants, they feel emotions and inherit memories from the donor!

Do not just take my word for it. Cleanse your body and you will see for yourself how you will not be able to get angry, or hold on to a grudge, or feel sadness, or buy into other people’s drama. You will feel your own energy and you will be in charge.

When you forgive you reset your body’s computer and discharge all those negative, redundant memories, all those broken records. This is why I recommend practicing Radical Forgiveness.

Radical Forgiveness is a profound healing technique described by Colin Tipping in his groundbreaking book under the same title.

Before you do it, go into a state of meditation, and create harmonious ambiance around you. Call upon your angels, ancestors, Mother Earth, Mother Mary, whoever or whatever you believe is working with you. You are going to clear your 'karma' now. You are inviting them to witness.

Get paper and pen. You are going to write three letters. Do not stop until you finish writing. Pour it all out on paper without judgment, without censorship, or editing. Cry if you need to.

No one is going to read these letters. They are for you to express all the thoughts, feelings and emotions that are not even yours and have been in your body for a long time. You are going to date, sign and burn them when you finish writing.

Visualize in front of you the person that you believe hurt you, and write. Do not judge what you have written, just write. Pour all the thoughts, feelings and emotions out on the paper until you empty yourself. Do not stop writing until you are done. Consider that what happened in your life is a fact. However, your judgment of the situation—right or wrong, good or bad—is a story.

Who would you be without your story? What’s left after you shed all the judgments? Just You and the greatness of You!

Go ahead. Write.

3 Steps To Add Radical Forgiveness and Fortify Your Detox and Whole Body Cleanse

Letter No. 1: Emotional Purging

The first letter is an emotional release of all the build-up of anger, sadness and disappointment. Write the story of how you’ve been hurt, abused, mistreated, etc. If you feel like cursing, go ahead. Pour it all out. Don’t send this letter, okay? When you are done, sign it, date it and burn it. This is a clearing for your emotional body. It is a way you can detoxify your cellular memories.

Letter No. 2: Psychological Forgiveness

In this letter you come up with all the rational excuses for the person’s behaviour that hurt you: “I know you couldn’t act differently, because you were abused when you were a child, etc. I forgive you.”

It’s the way we have been taught to forgive in this reality. Does it really help you to forget? It doesn’t. Do it anyway. This letter is meant for your mind to understand why something happened. It's all about looking at things from another perspective.

Letter No. 3: Soul-to-Soul Forgiveness

The third letter is magic. If you write the first two letters with depth, the third one is going to bring you relief, joy and gratitude. You don’t have to believe it, just write:

“I remember before we incarnated here on Earth, we met in the spirit planes where we designed our future lives on this planet. I have chosen a certain mission here on Earth. I needed someone to come and give me suffering so that I would learn fast and grow. Your soul has volunteered to make a sacrifice for me and has stepped in as my teacher to accelerate my learning. You appeared in a dark, manipulative energy of an aggressor, and I believed you. You played a role in my life that helped me grow. I acknowledge that it must have been so difficult for your soul to be in that energy. I honor your sacrifice. I am so grateful. I promise you from now on that I will be more joyful than ever, more powerful, more vigilant, more creative and happier than ever!”

You can even choose a project you’d like to accomplish in honor of your teacher-in-disguise.

How do you know you have forgiven? When you are grateful!

Sometimes, those letters of Radical Forgiveness take more than one day. That’s great! I continue to fast as I write them! If you write those letters, and you are not in tears, you are probably not writing them deeply enough. Most likely you are not allowing yourself to remember how deeply you were hurt. You need to know what you are forgiving, look at your pain, and watch the scary movie to the end, before your insane mind is ready to let go.

Radical Forgiveness will allow you to empty yourself of all the guilt-blame-and-shame games. As you detoxify on a physical level by fasting, you also detoxify on an emotional, intellectual, and energetic level through Radical Forgiveness.

This process will bring you joy, gratitude and lightness. This letting go of the emotional cause of acidity is a precondition for your blood to be alkaline. Toxic emotions make our blood acidic. Want to be healthy? Forgive Radically!

Some say we need to come to God empty-handed. If we still hold grudges, the angels look and say: “Oh, you are still holding grudges. Please come back when your hands are empty! We will give you some goodies!” and they do! Abundance is awaiting those who forgive. If you are stuck in your financial life somewhere, fast and forgive. It will open you to receive.

Buddha said: “Failing to forgive is like drinking poison and hoping someone else will get sick.” It doesn’t work that way, does it? If you drink the poison of toxic thoughts, feelings, and emo- tions, it is really your blood that you poison!

At the same time, the one you hold the grudge against might be oblivious of the situation. Yes! They may be insensitive, or very dense, or blocked, and therefore unaware and didn’t notice that they ever hurt you!

A client I have worked with in the past was raped by her hypnotherapist. She gained weight to protect herself from men. She did not want to forgive and let go of the past. She was resistant to writing these letters. Despite the coconut water fast, and herbs, and enemas, she was not losing weight. Not even a pound!

I recommended that she stay at home and write the letters of Radical Forgiveness until she finished, instead of going with us to the beach. She kept writing the entire day, and cried, facing her memories. Finally, she wrote the third letter, and cried with tears of gratitude while burning it. In the night, she woke up several times with diarrhea and vomiting. Her body shed three pounds in just that one night.

How about you? Whose weight are you carrying? Who does it belong to? Who do you need to forgive? Is now the time to be authentic and honest about it?

In Landmark Forum, where forgiveness is key in healing relationships, the forum leader encourages the participant to make a phone call immediately to the person they are in a relationship with and actually admit they've been unauthentic, pretending and dishonest, what it cost them, what has been missing for them both, and what's possible now. The process is extremely powerful, restores integrity, and brings freedom.

If you truly want transformation, I’m here to guide and support you!

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