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5 Top Secrets To Maximize Your Detox and Cleansing Program and Awaken Your Natural Beauty and Ultimate Health

5 Top Secrets To Maximize Your Detox and Cleansing Program and Awaken Your Natural Beauty and Ultimate Health

  We truly are beautiful human beings. What if we could cleanse and detox our way to rejuvenation, natural beauty and ultimate health?

We truly are beautiful human beings. What if we could cleanse and detox our way to rejuvenation, natural beauty and ultimate health?

According to statista.com, revenue for the U.S. cosmetic industry alone was estimated at 62.46 Billion in 2016.  Forbes.com reports in 2012 U.S. Healthcare costs hit $3 Trillion U.S. Dollars. What huge incentive there is, to harbour the secrets of health and beauty?

Imagine what would happen to the industries built around health and beauty, if we had the knowledge and experience to take back our bodies and regain vibrant health?

Over many years and coaching hundreds of celebrities, models and top executives through my detox and cleansing program, I’ve uncovered five crucial steps that everyone who is serious about achieving ultimate health must take.

Master these five secrets to awaken your natural beauty and achieve your ultimate healthy self:

Secret #1: Focus on Forgiveness

Relationships are the plasma of our lives. They permeate every moment, through our relationships with others and more importantly, our relationship with our self.

Living in a toxic and co-dependent relationship makes it impossible to create health. The stress hormones created from negative thoughts and stressful situations can cause you to gain weight, lose energy and can hold you back from ever allowing the space you need to heal and thrive.

Buddha said, “Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.”

Who have you not forgiven? Your partner, your friend, yourself?

What do you tell yourself about you, about others, about your life, about the world, that may be stifling your creative expression?

What beliefs and past memories are you holding, that do not serve your best self?

How has your interpretation of past situations, stressed you out, held you back and kept you small?

Your body knows. You desperately want to change, and your old beliefs keep you stuck in that old familiar pattern.

How would your iMac run with an old operating system? Your body can’t function like a super computer if it’s software is outdated. You can’t function optimally if your belief system is outdated and doesn’t match your desires. Whose beliefs are you running on anyway? Your parents, your friends, your teachers, your bosses?

Mission impossible… And your body knows it.

It doesn’t matter what you eat, if your heart suffers, your physical body struggles.

If any of these reflect how you feel, then we’ve got some work to do:

·      If your mind is not clear of limiting beliefs

·      If your heart is not set on joy

·      If you are not free to express your true self

·      If you apologize for being you

·      If you act small so someone else can feel important

·      If you are not part of a supportive community

·      If you are stifled to contribute the best parts of yourself

You’ve suffered through self-hate, pity and regret. You’ve let the false beliefs you bought as truth, haunt and torment you. You’ve spent years of your life living through other peoples’ lenses, following their fears and habits, unmatched with your desires and your authentic self-expression.

Reconciling your beliefs and forgiving those who’ve harmed you, for yourself if not for them, can be the hardest parts to cleansing.

Forgiving, letting go of past hurts and releasing limiting beliefs, this can be your point of transformation.

Secret #2 Consider Your Relationships, Past and Future

When it comes to your own health and wellbeing, exceptional relationships are vital. Gaining clarity around and within your relationships can allow you to transform other facets of your life as well, like your physical and mental bodies.

When ongoing negative thoughts and emotions continue to surface around a situation or person, they can cause symptoms of illness to appear. These knots of emotion, held in your physical body, emerge as headaches, muscle tension, depression, anxiety and an ongoing huge list of other symptoms and issues. For some, they can manifest into much more serious illnesses. Pain from traumatic events, childhood and otherwise, may grip and hold you for many, many years.

How can you function, without sweeping these painful memories under the carpet?

These symptoms of deeper wounds and their attached negative thoughts and hurtful emotions can be effectively identified and reconciled.

It can be painful to open up to your own deep-seated memories and false beliefs and being dismantled in this way can be an unsettling and at the same time, transformative experience.

These past ‘things’ are what help shape ‘who’ you are showing up as right now.

All that stuff, those stories playing in the back of your mind are like a broken record, playing over and over, keeping you stuck, unsatisfied and unhappy. They are the reasons why you can’t seem to move forward, they are the reasons why you don’t have results.

Those stories you tell yourself, they impact your health in the most powerful ways. They show in your daily food choices and they mold your thoughts and influence your emotions.

When these emotional blocks are out of your way, you can clearly see all that you desire and ride the wind toward your authentic body, natural beauty and ultimate health.


Secret #3 Capture Maximum Nutrition

Regarding nutrition, can we be any more confused? You open a magazine in the café and there is yet another new, hit diet, and this one is for sure going to give you the beach body you’ve been dreaming about.

Have you though? Is that really what you want? Most women just want to feel sexy and alive. How about having enough energy to get through your day, running a business, and managing a family and home?

It’s impossible. You can’t continue this thing forever, because diets are never designed to last and you definitely don’t need another diet.

You need a lifestyle that incorporates cleansing if you want to thrive, in our very toxic world.

As David Wolfe says, “Human beings are not designed to eat stuff that should not even be found in landfills.”

The key to capturing maximum nutrition lies in juicing. Juicing is so effective because it super hydrates your body.

The how here is easy, turn on your juicer!


Secret #4 Benefit from Coffee’s Ancient Secret

Yes, coffee enemas!

Coffee enemas are the best-kept beauty secret of top celebrities for quick weight loss, effective detoxification and healing rejuvenation.

Coffee enemas help unblock your liver and gall bladder, help to balance your weight and detoxify your lymphatic system.

As a result your ability to absorb minerals, vitamins and phytochemicals improves.

Coffee enemas help to create radiant skin, clear thinking and better rest and sleep.

Princess Diana of Wales used enemas. John Lennon was known to benefit from colonics. Janet Jackson and many other celebrities swear by them. It’s reported that King Louis XIV had thousands of enemas over his lifetime and of course it was Cleopatra’s best-kept beauty secret. 

If you are the least bit challenged by the thought of coffee enemas, the taboos associated with that part of your body, could be blocking you from creating radiant health and beauty!

Many of us would use cosmetics, high heels and Gucci bags to cover up the reality that we are rotting inside, rather than reach out and use this simple, ancient solution.


Secret #5 Fast-track Your Detox and Cleansing Program with Expert Guidance and Support

How can you stick through your learning curve, maximize your results and move quickly to natural beauty and optimum health?

Get my support and experience of cleansing with and coaching thousands of people through Health & Beauty Detox

If you are ready to maximize your results, then I can definitely help you get there, faster and more joyfully.

If you truly want transformation, I’m here to guide and support you!

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